Stick Out Your Tongue is a blog dedicated to de-mystifying the medical practice of acupuncture and East Asian medicine. Our goal is to share how acupuncture, cupping therapy, guasha, moxibustion, and East Asian herbal medicine can be useful in your daily health and wellness.

Viewing your tongue and feeling your pulse are just a few of the ways that we, as licensed acupuncturists can get a snapshot of how your body is functioning in that moment. It gives us vital clues on how to create a treatment plan and bring you back to ideal health.

We are a collective of acupuncturists that want to share our love of Chinese medicine with you.   At the very least, we want to help prepare you for some of our antics in our treatment rooms.  We also want to help you to know whether or not Chinese medicine may be an important addition to your health care program.  We look forward to your readership.

By Lindsey Thompson, founder of Stick Out Your Tongue

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