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Chinese Medicine and Courage: Cultivating the Liver and Gallbladder

  The internal organs of the human body are responsible for more than just physiological functions in Chinese Medicine. A robust or deficient organ can lead to different mental emotional states. This is often a confusing topic in Chinese Medicine when explained to people raised in Western culture however, it is not an entirely foreign […]

How to Live in Harmony This Spring

Every season the energy of nature changes. In spring the energy of nature wakes up and grows whereas in winter nature slows down and hibernates. In Chinese Medicine theory the energy of the human body changes in accordance with the season. What happens outside of us also happens within us. In winter we, like nature […]

Drinking Vinegars for Spring

  {photo credit } Vinegar was used as medicine for thousands of years in China and Europe. Historically people would create curative beverages involving mixtures of culinary herbs, spices, water, and vinegar. The famous Hippocrates used a mixture of honey and vinegar in his medical practice to treat coughs. Drinking vinegar was called switchel […]

Morning Sickness and Chinese Medicine

{Image by (link to  Most women suffer from morning sickness, or nausea and vomiting, during pregnancy. The condition is extremely common, up to 80% of women experience nausea, vomiting and or dry retching in their first weeks of pregnancy. Knowing it is a common symptom of pregnancy is a small comfort however to […]