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The Wet Sock Treatment To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks

Originally posted on Stick Out Your Tongue:
? I know what you’re thinking.  Wet socks sound like some sort of medieval torture protocol, or a easy way to ruin a beautiful day. While it may seem weird and equally unappealing, this is a simple treatment that can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms right as…

The Earth Pair: the Stomach and Spleen/pancreas Meridians

Originally posted on Stick Out Your Tongue:
The Earth Yin-Yang Pair:  The Spleen/Pancreas and the Stomach  *note: the Spleen in Chinese medicine is responsible for the tasks of both the pancreas and the spleen as we know them in Western science. Some think it was mistranslated as spleen, but the roles attributed to the ‘Spleen…

Shredded Beet Tostadas

Oops!  I apologize for publishing two blogs on the same day. I accidentally hit ‘publish now’ when I was trying to schedule the post to publish next week. Please forgive the double blogposts in your inbox today. –Sincerely, Lindsey Thompson   Ingredients 4 Tostada shells Refried beans 1/2 beet, shredded with a cheese grater 1/4 […]

Roasted Red Pepper Soup (dairy free)

This soup really showcases the natural flavors of red peppers. Roasting truly brings out the robust flavors of these peppers. With so few ingredients, this soup lets you know that sometimes less is more. Ingredients 6 Red Peppers 1 Tablespoon olive oil 4 cups vegetable stock 1 avocado salt & pepper to taste Instructions: Preheat […]