Monthly Archives: February 2016

Japanese-Inspired Asparagus Avocado Salad

Asparagus Avocado Salad ½ bunch tender asparagus, trimmed and cut in half (about 2 cups) 1 whole avocado 2 cups mixed greens Dressing: 2 Tbsp black sesame seeds 1.5 tsp sesame oil 1.5 tsp rice vinegar 1.5 tsp maple syrup   Instructions: Fill a pot with at steamer insert with water just below the steamer […]

Learning To Enjoy Vegetables

  This week I became inspired by the article: No Diet, No Detox: How To Relearn The Art Of Eating. This remarkable article discusses the myriad reasons as to why the Western world continues to struggle with food choices. If you like any of my thoughts on the matter, please read the article for yourself. It truly […]