Recipes To Keep You Cool In The Summer

Stick Out Your Tongue

In Chinese medicine, each season corresponds to a color, an organ system, and a flavor.  Since each season brings different weather patterns, temperatures, and amount of sunlight, they predispose us to certain health imbalances.  In summer, we have to protect ourselves from overheating, getting sunstroke, getting headaches from dehydration, and possibly fighting irritability from either dehydration or overheating.  Sometimes people find that anxiety can flare with the heat of summer. In Chinese medicine anxiety is an emotion more associated with heat and summer, so if it is your Achilles’ heal, so to speak, then you may notice it more present in the summer. Another interesting association with summer heat in East Asian medicine are skin rashes.  Rashes, eczema, and hives may also flare-up when someone prone to skin conditions gets overheated during the summer.

To help mitigate the effects of summer heat and to avoid some of the flare-ups of…

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