The Earth Pair: the Stomach and Spleen/pancreas Meridians

As I am getting ready to lead my first nutrition class in Walla Walla for the season of late-summer, I am reminded how this post explains the two earth organs and their larger concept in the body. We are currently in the late-summer season. This is the season of the earth elemental pair in Chinese medicine, but it also when these two organ systems can be extra susceptible. You may notice that now is the time to switch to eating more cooked foods, that your digestion may be slightly more sensitive, or a handful of other concerns. Please consider re-reading this post to make sure you are watching for any earth imbalances that may occur.

Stick Out Your Tongue

The Earth Yin-Yang Pair: 

The Spleen/Pancreas and the Stomach 

*note: the Spleen in Chinese medicine is responsible for the tasks of both the pancreas and the spleen as we know them in Western science. Some think it was mistranslated as spleen, but the roles attributed to the ‘Spleen organ’ truly encompass both the pancreas’ and the spleen’s activities in our body. I choose to label it as spleen/pancreas to help with understanding its importance.

The spleen/pancreas and the stomach organ officials are considered the central pivot of health in Chinese medicine. They are arguably the most important pair in the body. One of their roles is to initiate the entire digestive process and to ensure that the rest of the digestive system will be able to properly absorb the nutrients from our food.

Without the proper absorption of nutrients from our food, we may not be able to make adequate amounts of neurotransmitters…

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