Getting to know you.

healthytongue-620x300Stick out your tongue for health?

Yes, please fight the urge for politeness and let your tongue just loll out.  This is a blog about acupuncture and the broader world of Chinese medicine.  Soon you will know all about how your tongue is a weathervane for personal health.  You can join the ranks of my friends, who have over the past four years of my education tolerated me randomly grabbing their wrists for pulse readings or begging them to stick out their tongues in cafes.  They have frequently endured the awkward dinner party where I earnestly lean across the table, chin in hand and say, “Oh, doooo tell me about your poo.  No, no, really– I want details.”

Don’t worry, all of the above play a key role in your healthcare.  Future posts will explain how the pulse, tongue and gastrointestinal shenanigans inform acupuncturists about your overall health and vitality.

In all seriousness, I want to share my love of Chinese medicine with you.  I want to help you  make more informed decisions about your health care, and to know whether or not Chinese medicine may be an important addition to your healthcare program.  I look forward to your readership.

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