Do You Love Acupuncture? Please Take A Moment To Tell The FDA.

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Has acupuncture ever helped you with pain? Has acupuncture ever helped someone you love with pain? Right now the FDA is accepting comments from the public who have had experience with acupuncture in pain management and the implications could be wide-spread policy change. Let’s flood their comment pole with true testaments about how acupuncture has helped your pain condition(s). Please comment through the link below. Please re-post this link to your blog or website. Please share with your patients, family and friends. Now is the time to collectively sound our voice: Acupuncture is a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals for pain management. Patients deserve the right to choose.

Comments are due by September 10, 2018. Thank you for your part in changing health care!

“FDA Examines Patient-Focused Drug Development for Chronic Pain

On July 9, the Food and Drug Administration hosted a public meeting on the topic of patient-focused drug development for chronic pain. The meeting focused on two main topics: symptoms and daily impacts of chronic pain, and patient’s perspectives on current approaches to the treatment of chronic pain. While the FDA generally deals with pharmacological treatments, experts at the meeting specifically asked for patient comments on non-pharmacologic interventions and therapies.

The FDA is continuing to solicit comments on the topics discussed at the meeting and is actively seeking patient perspectives. As patients turn to non-pharmacological treatments like acupuncture, the National Certification Board for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is working to expand awareness of the effects that our patients have seen in treating their chronic pain through acupuncture. We are asking patients who suffer from chronic pain to submit comments to the FDA describing their experiences, and how acupuncture and Oriental medicine have helped them deal with their pain in their daily lives.

More details about the FDA’s meeting and the comment submission process can be found here, or by searching “FDA-2018-N-1621” on Your comments can be submitted directly on through the Federal e-Rulemaking Portal (go to the link above and click “Comment Now”), or by mail to Dockets Management Staff (HFA-305), Food and Drug Administration, 5630 Fishers Lane, Rm. 1061, Rockville, MD 20852. Comments are due by September 10, 2018. This Request for Comments provides an opportunity for patients to express their experiences with acupuncture for chronic pain and to demonstrate to the federal government the successes that acupuncture can provide for pain patients.”


Julie Baron is an EDSC_0081ast Asian Medicine Practitioner at the Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic in Walla Walla, WA. Julie seeks to empower individuals and communities.  As a movement and mindfulness educator, she has a penchant for functional anatomy. As an EAMP, she also has a passion for herbal medicine.



  1. I sought out pain relief through accupuncture starting December 2017. This has been a God send as far as reduction of pain. I only wish the American Insurance System recognized the potential good done by accupuncutre and traditional Chinese medicine in general. The person I see is a graduate of the Pacific School of Chinese Medicine and proficient in the formulation of herbs, which I have also been taking. Please consider focusing more on Chinese medicine and accupuncture as an alternative. Prescriptions for pain resulted in huge issues with stomach pain and discomfort. leaving me to seek alternative methods


    1. Hi Rose, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! If you can just copy and paste this amazing testimonial by following the link to the FDA, the comment will get to the right place. The link is available through the blog post. Thanks so much for caring enough to share your story: I’m so grateful to hear how Chinese Medicine has been beneficial in your journey.


  2. Thanks for the post! Plan to share in other social media platforms like Twitter. I couldn’t find you there or else I’d tag you.


  3. Hi April, thanks for spreading the word! We can be found on Instagram under: thompsonfamilyacu.


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