Immune supportive Meal Plans

Earlier this week we sent out an update regarding the Coronavirus, and suggested the best course of action is to practice good personal hygiene (just like the CDC recommends), and to support our immune system through nutrition.

To support the immune system, it is useful to reduce overall inflammation in the body. Typical inflammatory foods are: wheat, dairy, soy, sugar, alcohol, fatty meats, and oils that oxidize readily or our cooked in repeatedly (think fast food fryer for French fries).  These are consider inflammatory from an allopathic Western sense, and in Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine these are damp producing foods, or damp-heat and damp-cold producing foods. Too much dampness in the body makes an environment that is ideal for inflammation and hinders the immune response to viruses and bacteria.

So our goals for enhancing the immune system through food are to eliminate or significantly reduce the inflammatory foods listed above, while enhancing the immune system with vitamin A, C, selenium, and zinc.

Because it can be daunting to undertake a new way of eating, I have put together an omnivore and a vegetarian 3-week meal plan with recipes. Roughly 50% of the recipes are mine, while the rest are from some of my favorite recipe authors. These are credited throughout the document with links to the recipe. Because I am not super tech savvy, you may have to copy and paste the link from the PDF document into your browser to access the recipe. Please understand I put this together as quickly as I could to help aid anyone interested in getting ahead of the coronavirus with some immune boosting strategies through our daily diet.

Vegetarian Three Week Immune Boosting Meal Plan

Omnivore Three Week Immune Boosting Meal Plan


  1. Esther Allred · · Reply

    This took a lot of work on your part. Thank you for sharing your meal plan and recipes. I appreciate it.

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