The Wet Sock Treatment To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks


I know what you’re thinking.  Wet socks sound like some sort of medieval torture protocol, or a easy way to ruin a beautiful day. While it may seem weird and equally unappealing, this is a simple treatment that can help alleviate cold and flu symptoms right as they start to rear their sneaky little ninja heads. What’s worse, a slight bit of evening wet sock discomfort, or a full-blown achey, headachey, snotty, coughing cold?


So just what is the wet sock treatment?


The wet sock treatment is a form of hydrotherapy. It uses both water and temperature  to help spike your immune system into action right when you get sick.


When is it the right time for the wet sock treatment?  It is useful right when you start asking yourself, “Am I getting sick?”  When you start to feel slightly achey, slightly feverish, slightly chilled, and think you might just be coming down with something, that is the right time to start the wet sock treatment. You can also use it when a wave of colds and flu hit your work place and you seem like the only one left standing.


What you need:


  • at least one pair of wool socks,
  • a second pair of socks (cotton, wool, or whatever)
  • cold or cool tap water


Before going to bed, take the ‘whatever material’ socks and run them under cold or cool tap water. Wring them out throughly and put them on.Unknown I’m not going to lie, it is cold and uncomfortable for a few minutes. You will adapt. Put the dry wool socks on over the wet socks. Now go to bed. This temperature combo will cause your body to increase its body temperature and drive your immune system into overdrive. As an added bonus, it will also make you sleepy. Over the course of the evening your own body heat will dry the inner socks. By morning your socks will be completely dry. Repeat while you feel on the edge of illness and for three nights after you feel like your awesome self again. If you stop the wet sock treatment too early, there is a chance that the cold will just come right back. If you follow the three nights after you feel better rule, then you will truly be your awesome self again.




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  2. I wish I knew about this 3 weeks ago! wow! I am so going to try this.


  3. Tried it for the first time this week after I got sick and filled w phlegm. I did it for 2 nights, too tired the third night and didn’t make that mistake the 4th. Night and day how you wake up! Pretty amazing treatment. Can’t wait to try it on my grand children!


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    Cold and flu season is starting to ramp up now that everyone is back to school. Remember this handy tip to keep you and your family healthy—or at least shorten those cold and flus significantly.


  5. I was raised with a modified version of this – both items were wrapped around our neck, where they remained until morning. I’ll have to add this to the mix – can’t hurt!


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