Sound Healing in Chinese Medicine: Tuning Forks

Sound in Chinese medicine is a potent healing modality. The vibration created with sound can be used therapeutically to treat pain. Tuning forks are tools that create sound and vibration. Acupuncture points (or acupoints) reside on the meridian channels of the body. Tuning forks can be placed on the acupoint locations,transferring these vibrational frequencies to the channel and affecting the flow of Qi.

Qi is a vital substance that flows within the channels, much like blood within the blood vessels or water in a river. When the channels are closed or blocked there will be stagnation of Qi, which leads to discomfort or pain. When they are open and allowing Qi to flow freely, discomfort is alleviated. Applying vibration is a way to unblock the channels and fortify the integrity of the system so that Qi and blood can flow freely. This freedom revitalizes the tissues, allowing the system to bring in appropriate nutrients and flush away waste products.

At Thompson Family Acupuncture, you may have experienced myself or other practitioners utilizing vibrational healing tools called Tuning Forks in treatment. They can be applied upon the meridian system similarly to acupuncture needles and moxa.

Each fork is a certain musical note frequency. The forks are activated and placed on the acupuncture points. To activate, they are gently struck to create vibration and sound. When placed on the skin the vibration affects the tissue through the acupuncture point, often activating the entire channel or area of the body. This is a great modality for those who are very sensitive or who do not prefer insertive needling. Tuning forks are effective in treating pain of all kinds, physical or emotional.

The combination of notes can amplify the therapeutic effect of sound. For
example, notes played together that create harmony are used to tonify, or rebuild the system or organ. Notes played together that create dissonant sound are used to disperse, or alleviate accumulation. In treatment, the Tuning Forks are activated and hovered at the ear before placed on an acupoint so the patient can hear the sound combination before feeling it on the body.

Feel free to ask myself or other Tuning Fork practitioners about this modality.

Check back here for more on sound healing and how to utilize it in your healing!

Kyle Rhodes practices at Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic in Walla Walla, WA. Kyle is fascinated with the healing power of nature and how it functions in the body. Through East Asian medicine modalities, she brings to light the inner healing power each person holds. Healing is a journey and she is here to support you along the way!


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